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Shaun Paulet is the founder of Australian collectibles company Comics2Movies and the ongoing comic book series Xtreme Champion Tournament.

We wrote a feature about his recent Kickstarter campaign for XCT Issue #2. Now, he’s been kind enough to let us interview him, so he could share some insight on how XCT and C2M established, his thoughts on Kickstarter and the Australian comic book scene, and some interesting personal tidbits.

  1. In 10 words or less, can you pitch Xtreme Champion Tournament to our readers?

    XCT is everything you want it to be. Badass, Brutal & Bloody!


  2. XCT is pretty out there. What serves as the inspiration behind it?

    Mythology, the UFC and Spartacus himself are the main inspirations behind the creation of XCT. As a kid I always loved the story of Spartacus and all the old Geek Mythology tales as well. With the creation of the UFC and the ending of the Spartacus STARZ series it inspired in me a passion to create something myself, and that’s how XCT was born.


  3. You’ve taken to Kickstarter several times prior, what draws you to continually using the service?

    Kickstarter has been a fantastic place to not only raise funds but a fantastic way to keep fans up to date and intrigued in the series. I really believe that all the backers of the Kickstarter’s get real enjoyment knowing that they have a part in the creation and success of the series. Most have even been multiple backers. Kickstarter also allows me to raise the funds for the printing of the books that I am able to sell and distribute them to stores at about the same price as the big US comics. I believe this is an important part of the ongoing success of the series, to make sure that it is affordable to all ages.



  4. How did you get involved in comics?

    I have always loved comics ever since I was a kid. My mum could never get me to read so she used to offer to buy me comics to at least read something. I don’t think she ever thought I would ever create my own.

  5. What’s your favorite comic book story, and why?

    I have to say the Star Wars Legacy story has been my favorite. I love my Star Wars but a Jedi (Cade Skywalker) who is a Bounty Hunter and takes drugs to cut off his connection to the force is such a fantastic character. The story crosses over a large part of the expanded comic book universe as well which is another reason I love the series.

  6. How do you feel about the comic book scene in Australia, and where do you think it’s headed?

    The Australian comic book scene is very exciting at the moment. There are several great titles releasing more and more issues each year. I believe our biggest hurdle is getting international recognition but that is only going to come with time.


  7. We also understand you run a company called Comics2Movies, could you tell us its origins?

    C2M is something I created with a few different artists from around Australia. It was designed to showcase a bunch of different artists Fanart at conventions across Australia that otherwise would not have seen that artists work. Making them limited and collectable is something that I think sets our Fanart apart against the rest. We started with 3 artists & 9 prints but now boast a roster of 16 artists and over 100 prints.


  8. As C2M is based on collectibles, do you have a collection of your own? If so what is the most prized possession?

    I have a few collections of my own including all the Star Wars expand universe books, statues, posters, signed collectables, original comic book artwork, comics and a massive DVD/Bluray collection. If I had to pick my most prized possession it would have to be my X-Men limited edition print of the four covers from the 1991 X-Men series by Jim Lee. It is signed by Jim Lee, Stan Lee and Chris Claremont.



     Some of Comics2Movies offerings. Awesome stuff!

  9. C2M and XCT rosters on some really talented artists. How do you go about finding and recruiting them? What draws you in to a particular artist?

    Some artists I approach, others approach me but just recently we ran an open submission through our C2M Facebook page where artists could submit their portfolio and 2 winners would be added to our roster and provided a $50 sign on bonus. The winners of this competition will be announced this week on our Facebook page so keep an eye out for it.


  10. Any licenses you want to see catalogued into C2M? We’d love to see some Alien/Predator stuff!

    That’s a trade secret but you might see an Alien/Predator print sooner than you think! Wink!


  11. Any final thoughts or closing words about working on XCT, or with C2M?

    I would just like to thank you for the interview and all our fans who have supported our XCT comic book series so far.


Echo Bite would like to thank Shaun Paulet for taking the time to answer these interview questions. Please visit his affiliated websites by clicking on the banners below, and to pledge to his Kickstarter.

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