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Release Date: 18th of December 2014
Publisher: SHUEIHSA Inc. / VIZ Media
Where to buy: Madman Entertainment Online Store
Plot Summary: Destroy thy Neighbor! A gate to another dimension has burst open, and invincible monsters called Neighbors invade Earth. Osamu Mikumo may not be the best among the elite warriors, who co-opt other-dimensional technology to fight back, but he'll do whatever it takes to defend life on Earth as we know it. When Osamu meets a feisty humanoid Neighbor named Yuma, everything that he thinks is right is turned on its head. Can the two natural enemies ever become friends?
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Great story pacing and development, the art conveys action extremely well and main characters have unique personalities


Facial expression is very limited artistically, the story direction is predictable

World Trigger is paced and written well, and for the most part, drawn well enough that the audience will definitely be compelled to read more.




Entertainment Value

Total Score

7.7/ 10

by Richard Hoskins
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 World Trigger volume 1 & 2 both do a great job at creating the scene for what so far is an exciting and intriguing manga. With great action and quirky characters, the only real criticism comes from the plots predictable nature.

Meet the Neighbors…

The plot of World Trigger is as straight-forward as you can get: a gate to another dimension cracks open, monsters called ‘Neighbors’ come out and cause destruction. To counter them, a special force titled ‘Boarder’ is created to save the Earth and maintain guard around the dimensional crack. Using the Neighbors technology against them in the form of weapons known as ‘triggers’, years pass with little to no destruction and people go on living their daily lives around the dimensional crack, confident in Boarder’s protection.

This is a neighbor…kind of cute right?

The story focuses around a boy named Osamu Mikumo, a quiet but morally-driven student. As we find out, Osamu is a secret Boarder agent in training and as much as he tries to keep his student life and his Boarder life separate, his two worlds collide as he is asked by his teacher to help new exchange student, Yuma Kuga get settled in. Hanging out with Yuma, Osamu begins to suspect the unthinkable, that Yuma acting so different from everyone else might mean that he’s a humanoid Neighbor. Turns out he’s right, which Osamu didn’t even think could happen.

After saving Osamu and teaching him about more about Neighbors, the two continue their adventure, fighting other Neighbors, saving people and teaching Yuma about humans. Volume One is more character driven and focuses more on the background of the story including the worlds history, Osamu’s life, Yuma trying to understand what’s socially acceptable on Earth and only begins to touch the surface of plot devices such as Boarder and the weapons known as triggers. Delving deeper into the story, Volume Two has much more emphasis on action and gives readers a greater understanding of Boarder, its senior members, the world of the Neighbors and deals with Boarder discovering Yuma – that being said, both were entertaining.

world trigger3Meet Yuma Kuga – a humanoid Neighbor with too much money

Trigger On!

Both World Trigger volume 1 and 2 featured an intriguing story that I highly enjoyed. Maybe it was my inner Shonen lover peeking through, but I found the character personalities and their interactions taking the spotlight rather than the mindless action.  Don’t get me wrong, the action scenes were exciting, paced well and valuable to understanding how combat worked in the world, but retrospectively, what really kept me reading were the characters.

In volume one, Osamu is introduced as a quiet-acheiver good guy, Yuma is quirky, direct and innocent while even their teachers are either overly strict or too kind and the school bullies are annoyingly aggressive. The characters have dimensions to them and there are many times that you hope even the secondary characters get what they deserve – whether it be a promotion or a swift kick in the butt. Volume two does much of the same, introducing the heads of Boarder. You find egotistical people, strong silent types, nice guys with underlying goals and just straight up mysterious but compelling individuals who you can’t wait to find out more about. The writing and characters is what drove this story to me, which after I thought about it, surprised even myself. In the manga format, it’s exactly what you want and that’s what World Trigger Volume 1 and 2 both deliver.

world trigger4


 ‘…if you don’t fight back, they keep picking on you’

Artistically, Daisuke Ashihara does a good job at creating visually attractive action scenes in the manga format that the Shonen genre is so popular for. Masterfully utilizing the format, readers are able to easily follow action from one panel to another, adding the snapshots together to form smooth visuals in their minds. At points, I even found myself seeing fully animated action scenes in my head – a sign of good artistic design.

world trigger6Utilizing overlapping panels and creating lots of motion in his art, Daisuke Ashihara doesn’t disappoint

Unfortunately, the one flaw of this manga that became more obvious over time was the consistent use of the same simplistic face designs for numerous scenes throughout both stories. Though more apparent in volume 1, if you just randomly open either volume to a page, chances are you’ll end up seeing a face with greyed out eyes, a simple grinning face or the classic duck lips face. Understandably, it does add character to the story and creates a light hearted atmosphere, but it becomes jarring after you begin to notice it. Thankfully, Ashihara doesn’t transition these simpler faces into scenes of serious or tense tones so the story and overall reading experience isn’t overtly hindered by this small flaw.

world trigger1world trigger2Just a sample of the many instances of quirkily-drawn faces


Befriend thy neighbor!

After reading volume 1, I couldn’t help but go straight into reading volume 2. Both volumes are paced well, written well and for the most part, drawn well so that readers will definitely be excited to keep on reading – I know I was. Whether you’re a fan of action, sci-fi or just Shonen in general, you should definitely check out this manga. As a bonus, both also come with little 1 page excerpts throughout the volumes from Daisuke Ashihara himself, showing cool concept drawings, giving insight into his character designs and even giving readers character profiles according to how he perceives his creations. With all of this going for them, at only $15 a piece from Madman Entertainment, World Trigger volumes 1 & 2 are DEFINITELY worth it – get to reading!

world trigger5

 If you want to get your hands on these, just visit Madman Entertainment here.

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