Comic Reviews

Review! Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #1

A promising future along with beautiful art and design save this slow paced first issue.


Wynter #1 Review | Sci Fi In Its Purest Form

Wynter #1 is a comic that serves as food for thought - a trait many comics try to achieve but few actually do. Science Fiction in its purest form. Highly recommended!


Speed Read! All-New Captain America Issue 1

All-New Captain America #1 may not do a great job at converting the Falcon into Captain America, but it is definitely a fun and action packed adventure.


The Death of Wolverine | Logan got SNIKT!

The Death of Wolverine presents great artwork, awesome covers and solid writing all wrapped up in a plot that ultimately falls short of what one would expect from a series that holds the gravity of the death of such a long time...