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Tl;dr Work with us if you enjoy writing,  have a passion for pop culture, and you’re comfortable doing this as a hobby, not as a job. Apply within.


You’re who now?

Echo Bite is an Australian news and reviews site for all things pop culture, from video games and movies to toys and comics. Our mission statement is to deliver content in “bite-size” chunks; to cut through the treacle and be concise, while maintaining a personable aura. We’re currently looking for contributors to supplement our writing staff. As of now we only have two writers, and we could use a lot more to help bolster the amount of content we put out there.


Go on…

Let’s get this out of the way first. This is not a paid position. We’re not trying to scam you; no-one at Echo Bite is paid to write. What we do, we do for fun. We see this as a hobby. We love pop culture; we were raised by it. For us, it’s fun to do research on subjects we enjoy, and then write about it for our readers to consume. I’ve learnt more about games and anime just from this venture than i ever did solo. If you want to become fully-immersed in pop culture, and you enjoy writing, then read on. If you’re in it for the money, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Now then, what we’re looking for is volunteer staff writers. People who can put out news articles and reviews from any or all of our categories:

  • Games
  • Technology
  • Movies
  • TV
  • Cartoons
  • Anime
  • Comics
  • Manga
  • Toys & Collectibles

We aren’t picky with what topics you choose to write. If you want the full experience, try writing for topics you aren’t fully knowledgeable in. You might be surprised at what you learn!


What will I be doing?

Writing! You’ll be given free-reign to write up on any or all of these:

News: Concise pieces on whatever topic you want so long as it’s pop culture related. Under 500-words would be good, but we’re not counting. Heavy news obviously requires more words.

Reviews: Occasionally we receive press copies of stuff. We can’t always guarantee we can get them to you, especially if you don’t live locally (Australia). Digital game codes won’t be a problem, however.

Editorials: We don’t have many of these, so if you’ve got an opinion or an interesting topic for a write-up, then go for it. Just don’t get us arrested.

Naturally, you’ll proof-read your own submissions, but we’re diligent in monitoring articles so we can catch errors and other oddities you may have missed. We’ll give you your account details, and talk to you about article formatting and all the behind-the-scenes stuff once you’re accepted.


Who are you looking for, exactly?

Anyone with a passion for this stuff can apply. No writing experience is necessary, but we’re expecting a good grasp of English and some skill in writing. We’ll ask you to submit some test articles so we can gauge your writing proficiency.

No regional restrictions; you can come from any part of the globe! The wider the regional spread of our writers, the better (to deal with time zone disparity).

Above all else, we’re looking for like-minded people who want to write for fun and to be heard.


Well, if I’m not getting paid, what do I get out of this?

  • A stress and commitment-free avenue to write and report on stuff you enjoy. We’re not asking for much. Just write what and when you can, and you can leave whenever you want, no dramas.
  • Exposure & recognition; getting your name out to an audience with every article you publish. The more regularly you post, the bigger the audience will get.
  • A place to hone your writing skills
  • Have published work for your portfolio.
  • Early access to review material, whenever possible
  • We may be able to get you press access into certain events; it’s difficult solo but with a company, it’s much more feasible
  • Helping Echo Bite grow! Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be making money off of this. Remember: a hobby can always turn into a career.

I can’t stress this enough: we aren’t trying to get out of paying you money by promising “you’ll get exposure”. That’s scummy, and exposure is what you die of in the wilderness. No-one gets paid here. We hope you understand that this is for fun, but there’s always a possibility of turning this into an actual job if the company grows to something sizable. We can’t promise it, but your help can make it a reality.


Okay sounds fun. How do I apply and what are the requirements?

Great! Thanks for giving us a chance. You can apply below using the contact form or express your interest at echobiteadmin@echobite.com.

We need you to deliver two pieces of written content to us – one news article and one review/editorial. What you choose to report on, and review/editorialize, is up to you. We’re scrutinizing the quality of your writing, not what it’s about. Remember to stay brief and to be personable.

If you’re accepted, we’ll need your contact details. We’ll also need a working email, one that you check regularly. Your full name and picture is necessary, but if this is an issue then let us know and we’ll work something out.

That’s it really. If you need more information, just shoot us an email. Looking forward to working with you!


Apply here:

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