Microsoft’s HoloLens and Minecraft? A perfect match

Posted June 16, 2015 by Richard Hoskins in Games

At their E3 press conference, Microsoft wowed the crowd with a live demo showcasing their HoloLens hardware and it’s compatibility with Mojang’s Minecraft. The first real look at how the hardware and software interacted, the demo also supported cross platform play as one host played from a Microsoft Surface tablet while the other played via the HoloLens.

Almost like something out of a dream, as the HoloLens user commanded, ‘Create World’, the Minecraft world he was playing in formed on the table in front of him. Almost like an interactive Lego set, the HoloLens user was able to move and manipulate the world in front of him via voice commands and hand prompts. Most amazing however was the responsiveness of the 3D world. As the user on the tablet moved her character around, so did the character on the HoloLens map.


In the demo, voice commands of: ‘follow player’ (a command that locks the camera onto a player in the map), ‘closer’ (a zoom command), ‘overview’ (a command that zoomed the map out to its limits), ‘mark that’ (a command that marks an area on the map for players) and even ‘lightning strike’ (a prompt that calls down a bolt of lightning) were shown.

The live demo was truly something special. Well polished and well presented, we can’t wait to see more at MineCon later in the year. Be sure to check it out in the video above.

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