TV Reviews

Review: Marco Polo

Addressing and exploring numerous humanistic ideals of power and its pursuit. Marco Polo is a visually beautiful story only brought down by occasions of weak acting and an interesting plot constrained by slow pacing.


Review: Red vs Blue Season 2

The popular Red vs Blue continues in its second season of the Blood Gulch Chronicles.This season brings back the iconic Red and Blue team in full effect with more chaos, silly antics and good old fashioned moronic asshattery. T...


Review: Red vs Blue Season 1

A fun, lighthearted comedy without the nuance of a live audience laugh track

REWIND! – Constantine ‘A Feast Of Friends’

More demon slaying, more magic, more Constantine and an unexpectedly emotional episode!


Review: Constantine – Non Est Asylum

Exorcist, Demonologist and Master of the Dark Arts... need I say more?