Nintendo Announces Pokemon Go – Augmented Reality Pokemon!

Posted September 11, 2015 by Richard Hoskins in Games

Nintendo has released a trailer for Pokemon Go – an upcoming augmented reality MMO for iOS and Android devices

Today was a big day for Nintendo and Pokemon fans. A trailer has been released for upcoming game, Pokemon Go. The mobile game is being developed by Niantic, Inc and if the trailer is anything to go by, we will soon be able to explore the world capturing Pokemon like we have always dreamed of!

In the trailer we see a world that guides individuals to Pokemon who they can then catch and battle with each other. There are even raid bosses who when defeated will reward all the participants with a Pokemon. Though I am personally skeptical of the Pokemon filled future they promise, Niantic, Inc who was formerly owned by Google has had success in the past with geo-locating technology and previous augmented reality game Ingress – plus the trailer is just damn awesome.

Alongside of the game itself, Niantic, Inc are planning to release a watch-like device called the Pokemon Go Plus which, as Nintendo promises,

…will enable Pokémon GO players to enjoy the game even when they’re not looking at their smartphone. The device connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and notifies the player about events in the game—such as the appearance of a Pokémon nearby—using an LED and vibration. In addition, players can catch Pokémon or perform other simple actions by pressing the button on the device.


Does it come in rose gold?

No pricing information has been released as of yet, but if this turns out to be what the trailer promises.. take my money! For now though, we’ll have to wait and see if this is a game that has parents sending their children out into the world in search of Pokemon or if this investment causes Nintendo to hurt itself in confusion.

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